New technology has fundamentally changed the modern enterprise, from how businesses operate to the way we work. Business leaders now have to innovate or reinvent how they lead and engage with employees to continue creating value in a market more competitive than ever.

We believe that companies must transform the employee experience, and the first step forward is embracing the digital workplace.

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What is digital workplace?

What is Digital Workplace?

Today and tomorrow’s challenges
The kind of barriers you face depends on your company’s digital maturity.

  1. Establish foundations: Design and build technological foundations
    • Important cloud collaboration features (O365, GSuite)
    • Modern workplace strategies
  2. Enable digital change: Improve user experience and boost digital dexterity
    • Change management
    • Training and learning
    • B2E (business to employees) platforms
  3. Empower organization: Create an agile organization centered on customers and business
    • Establish a digital workplace business governance
    • Reorganize digital workplace teams, and create usages/user-experience departments
    • Automate the operational model
  1. Modern management : Manage traditional devices (laptop, desktop) the same way you manage mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to improve the employee experience and the operational efficiency (cut IT proximity support costs)
  2. Smart workplace : Explore the potential of emerging technologies to personalize your workplace (virtual assistant, data-driven decision) and anticipate issues (predictive maintenance)
  3. Firstline workers : Think “mobile-first” and take advantage of AR/VR technologies. Equip and involve the firstline workers when establishing the digital workplace governance to increase the added value they can bring to the clients
  4. Citizen IT : Enable employees to easily develop their own business applications using the existing services (Office 365 with PowerBI and PowerApps). Limit shadow IT but think about the run governance of these new “homemade apps”.

How Wavestone US can help
Our Digital Workplace & New Ways of Working (NWoW) service is about harnessing technology for better productivity and efficiency with a human-centric approach. Each solution is tailored to your organizational demands, user needs, and pursuit of performance and stability.

  • Strategy : Assess digital workplace maturity, define and co-build a roadmap that fits each client’s unique business requirements (no cookie-cutter roadmap), design a tailored digital workplace organization and governance
  • Expertise : Define benchmarks to identify the best partners and solutions, design the architecture, boost adoption of digital tools (e.g., change campaign), create an agile organization, and coach teams
  • Innovation : Think out of the box to engage employees and partners (project management, workshops, communication), identify and meet start-ups to benefit from innovative solutions
  • Tools : We offer our clients access to Change Faktory, a proprietary publication featuring more than 60 innovative and tested change management practices in formats such as documents, workshops, games, and training methods. We use it to help our clients develop change content that aligns with their needs.
Strategy Brief

Preempt disruption and gain a competitive edge.

Learn how the role of IT leaders is rapidly changing.


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