There’s no denying that cloud is imperative to any business; it gives IT leaders easy access to data anytime, any place and paves the way for long-term cost savings. That said, the cloud is also incredibly vulnerable, as it simultaneously allows greater access to sensitive data and less control over the network. From a cloud security perspective, there are two considerable challenges companies face when they move to the cloud:

1. Ensuring that no additional risk arises when moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud (or some hybrid of the two)

2. Configuring all controls that existed for an on-premise solution for the cloud-based solution to enforce the same or a higher level of control in the cloud environment

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, securing your environment is paramount. Wavestone consultants are experts in cloud security best practices and are prepared to combat any risk. We use our best practices, along with guidance from experts from the service provider, to provide the highest level of satisfaction for you. These include: network segmentation, identify and access management, staff training, the implementation of cloud security policies, endpoint security, data encryption, audits, cloud disaster recovery, and compliance planning. 

Additionally, Wavestone helps clients implement an effective cybersecurity program for their cloud environment by moving activities previously being done for the on-premise solution to the cloud, customizing expectations for the selected service provider, tailoring activities to secure a hybrid environment, defining a cloud service target operating model, and laying the groundwork for a successful relationship between the service provider and you.

Secure Cloud Storage

Keep your cloud storage secure by working with our Wavestone experts to identify any gaps in protection and defining and implementing a tailored strategy to address those gaps and meet your business needs. 

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