Recent years have shown new forms of destructive cyber-attacks, targeting entities indiscriminately. In the small town of Jackson County, Georgia, a recent ransomware attack resulted in a $400,000 payout to the attackers and a data breach involving the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA)’s payment page which compromised over 20 million patients’ data. Cybercriminals are exploiting gaps that are not covered by the previously failsafe methods of business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Entities need to redesign their cybersecurity programs to address both new and old threats.

Wavestone US consultants have experience in defining, implementing, and maintaining successful cyber resilience strategies. Our Computer Emergency and Response Team (CERT W) has helped 20 clients recover from disastrous cyber-attacks in 2018 and 2019, helping them recover from attacks as quickly as possible in the short term and defining infrastructure improvement projects to help avoid and minimize the effects of attacks in the long term. The team has revolutionized the way Wavestone handles new strategies and plans. Before establishing a strategy customized to your organization’s needs, our consultants will conduct an analysis of active cyber-threat actors, create a threat framework, and study the relevant threat levels. To ensure effective implementation and maintenance of a proposed strategy, we also obtain executive-level accountability and establish processes to continually question the security maturity of suppliers and subcontractors. Our proven methodology is designed to help reduce the damages organizations can face during the most serious of cyber-attacks and is uniquely tailored to meet their needs.

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