Today’s cybercriminals are capitalizing on gaps left by legacy business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that aren’t suited to fight these new threats—proving that modern businesses need effective cybersecurity resilience efforts that can handle both the old and new. 

To ensure that you’re prepared, our Wavestone consultants offer a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity resilience that enables organizations to identify, prevent, detect, respond, recover, and learn from disruptions that impact services deliveries. Leading you from start to finish, our experts will help you uncover real threats, deploy related resilience capabilities across key domains, and set up monitoring mechanisms that help companies improve their systems maturity. 

Essential Success Factors to Create Resilience by Design

We will start by conducting a thorough analysis of active cyberthreat actors, then produce a threat framework to study all relevant threat levels. To facilitate the effective implementation and maintenance of a proposed cybersecurity and resiliency policy framework, we obtain executive-level accountability and establish processes that repeatedly evaluate the security maturity of suppliers and subcontractors. Our proven methodology is designed to help reduce the damage caused by major cyberattacks and is uniquely tailored to meet every client’s needs.

Cybersecurity Resilience Services: Red Team Approach

By deploying a “red team”—a full-scope, multi-layered attack used by businesses  to gauge the effectiveness of their current cybersecurity and resiliency policy framework—organizations can experience a real cybersecurity attack without the financial, legal, or reputational damage. Our Wavestone experts are well-suited to design all red team objectives, from identifying an organization’s most critical risks to designing and performing the attack to expose technical, people, and physical vulnerabilities. We can implement red team simulations in any source and, upon analysis, provide defined guidelines and reporting to IT leaders to make them aware of any potential threats. 

Here is how Wavestone approaches its red team efforts:

Cybersecurity Resilience Services: Red Team Approach

Our consultants have conducted red teams for companies of all sizes and industries, from local businesses to Fortune 500s, and come equipped with the soft and technical expertise to strengthen your cybersecurity and resiliency policy framework.

Strategy Brief

In search of the right cybersecurity partner?

Here are the top four common mistakes when investing in a managed security services provider (and how to avoid them)

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    Baptistin Buchet

    Head of Cybersecurity & Digital Trust

    • Baptistin Buchet leads the cybersecurity activities at the Wavestone US office in New York City. Certified in both CISSP and CISM, he has extensive expertise in risk management, security architecture, crisis management, and emerging technologies.
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