There are myriad reasons why big companies choose to evolve and reinvent themselves: the modern business environment has a high variability of needs and demands and an ever-increasing competitive intensity thanks to the advent of fintech, and constant disruption by the GAFA; end-users or customers who are becoming increasingly demanding and volatile; and the rise of regulators such as BCBS239, and IFRS16. As such, many large companies have been transitioning to Agile at Scale in the hope of tackling the critical issues of a modern enterprise.

Main benefits of agile at scale

Main benefits of agile at scale

* 2018 version One – 12th Study ** Customer Feedback studies and Market studies (Gartner, SAFe, Compendium, Forester

Wavestone has a deep understanding of taking agile to scale, and our consultants have an extensive set of credentials in its deployment. Our Agile at Scale capability comprises the following initiatives:

  • Coaching, training, and sensibilization
  • Audit and analysis of agile maturity
  • Setting up of agile centers and the associated operating models
A structured approach to industrialized and agile at scale delivery

A structured approach to industrialized and agile at scale delivery

Strategy Brief

Preempt disruption and gain a competitive edge.

Learn how the role of IT leaders is rapidly changing.


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