Cloud’s emergence as the preferred means of service delivery has a wide-ranging impact. IT services are fast becoming a utility. Therefore, most organizations desire to become “asset-light” while balancing cost, service level assurance, and security or regulatory compliance. Since cloud truly implies a paradigm shift, IT management must carefully consider the potential challenges that cloud migrations could bring. Not all workloads are suitable for migration to cloud. The role of in-house IT will change from that of being a service provider to that of a service broker, requiring new vendor management skills. IT should also proactively manage cultural changes to support emerging development models, all the while asserting strong architectural governance.

Wavestone consultants are experienced in rigorous financial modeling (including TCO estimation) of cloud models, strategic assessment of cloud IaaS and PaaS technology partners, and the actual selection of SaaS products. We also bring additional expertise in multi-supplier governance as well as in IT organization and business redesign, taking full advantage of the characteristics of cloud either as users or as providers.

To help you meet these goals, Wavestone works with your organization to simplify IT and allow you to use it more effectively.

Our approach is founded on these principles:

  • Every client situation is different, and the approach must be tailored to fit the situation as well as the client’s culture and management style
  • Collaboration with the client and providers yields the best solution for the client
  • There are no preconceived solutions; client and provider creativity can create value

Our methodology, designed to be flexible, is focused on achieving your desired outcomes. The following diagram represents the major steps of Wavestone’s review, design, and planning process.



Wavestone Data Center, Cloud Evaluation, and Planning Framework


WGroup Data Center, Cloud Evaluation and Planning Framework

Our Focus Areas
  • Cloud impact analysis and cost modeling
  • Cloud-readiness of organization, application portfolio, and architecture
  • Vendor selection and negotiation
  • Governance

Strategy Brief

Preempt disruption and gain a competitive edge.

Learn how the role of IT leaders is rapidly changing.

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    John Dabek

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    • John is an award-winning technology executive with over 30 years’ experience in M&A, organizational design, and IT leadership.
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