Wavestone provides interim IT leadership services at both the VP and C-Suite levels. When an organization has to deal with an abrupt executive departure, implement a critical transformation program that requires supplemental support or recruit for a newly created executive position, it is crucial to work with a partner who can immediately fill the gap with trusted, pragmatic, and visionary leaders.

Our executive consultants average over 25 years of experience across a wide array of industries. Not only do our people have prior success in CIO and IT executive roles, but they also bring a unique blend of consulting skills. These skills enable a rapid assessment of a client’s landscape, identification of critical issues and opportunities, the proposal of business-case validated IT roadmaps and achievement of business unit buy-in. The typical outcome of an interim IT executive engagement includes continuity of operations, documentation of IT challenges and opportunities, a detailed IT strategic plan and roadmap, and the proper transition to a permanent executive fully enabled to be successful.

Interim Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer

When needed, the Wavestone interim CIO/CTO will take charge of the organization to fill the executive vacuum, working from a high-level IT strategy roadmap developed by Wavestone in collaboration with the client. At the same time, we will conduct an extensive CIO/CTO search on the client’s behalf. Wavestone has an IT executive network that is simply unmatched. Many studies confirm that networking in its traditional sense (as opposed to social networking and job posting boards) is the overwhelming preferred way to ensure that a company lands the right executive for the company culture.

The Wavestone approach gives you the best of both worlds:

  1. It provides a streamlined way to get qualified, screened CIO/CTO candidates into the interview pipeline, into and through the selection process, and onboarded with a full transition program from the interim leader. This practice will also avoid additional fees from search firms who would not be in a position to do the onboarding and transition piece as our interim executive would.
  2. It facilitates getting the IT transformation work underway immediately as opposed to waiting for the CIO/CTO to be selected and get comfortable with the organization and its processes and technologies – all of which could take at least five to six months before the transformation program would be launched in earnest.
Focus Areas

The engagement of our Interim CIO/CTO and IT Leadership service includes the following:

  • Interim management of IT projects, staff, and vendors

    This provides for the appointment (for a temporary period under various circumstances) of trusted, experienced, and visionary IT leaders to roles such as:

    • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Chief Enterprise Architect
    • VP of Infrastructure and Operations
    • VP of Application Development
    • VP of Product Development
  • IT assessments and audits
  • IT financial analysis and benchmarking
  • IT strategic plan development
  • Merger and integration planning
  • Recruitment of permanent candidates

Strategy Brief

Preempt disruption and gain a competitive edge.

Learn how the role of IT leaders is rapidly changing.

Featured Expert

  • Featured Expert -  John Dabek

    John Dabek

    Managing Principal

    • John is an award-winning technology executive with over 30 years’ experience in M&A, organizational design, and IT leadership.
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