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Here at Wavestone US, we are excited to announce the appointment of Keith Worfolk as Principal Consultant. With more than 25 years of experience in CIO, CTO, and VP roles in sectors such as healthcare, financial services, products, software development, cloud and information services, manufacturing, and telecom, Worfolk is a valuable addition to the team. In his role as Principal Consultant, Worfolk will take on the following responsibilities: delivering forward-looking IT solutions, products, information systems, cloud platforms (PaaS), software (SaaS), big data (DaaS) pipelines, BI/analytics, and reliable technical architectures for our enterprise clients.
“Throughout his career, Keith has used his extensive IT leadership experience to take big businesses to new heights,” says Jeff Vail, Wavestone US CEO. “I am confident that his breadth of industry experience and firsthand knowledge of developing and executing enterprise IT strategy will make him a great addition to our team of IT experts here at Wavestone.”

Worfolk’s prior experience makes him the ideal addition to our team. When he served as the Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering at CatylystOne/PeopleCare Health Services, he built and developed a commercialized multi-tenant product for caregivers in the healthcare industry. His role as Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of Engineering at HomeSphere led to the creation and subsequent release of My HomeSphere, which won “Top Technology Product for 2018”. Also at HomeSphere, he transformed the company’s enterprise IT, advanced software product (PaaS/SaaS), and recruited and mentored full-stack PaaS/SaaS/DaaS product development delivery and support teams.

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